On Quality of Life: High Speed Rail; Hi Tech Jobs

Jun 7, 2011

Part I: High Speed Rail - As California's high speed rail system inches ever closer to breaking ground in 2012, criticism and opposition to the project is growing on a number of fronts. Valley farmers in Kings County have objected to the proposed alignment of the tracks through farms and dairies near Hanford. The State Senate voted last week to radically remake the High Speed Rail Authority and its board of directors. And in May, the non-partisan Legislative Analyst's Office issued a highly critical report of the project and its management. On this segment of Quality of Life, we talk about the project, its future, and what it means for the Valley with Fresno Bee reporter Tim Sheehan.

Part II: High Tech Jobs - California's Central Valley is known worldwide for growing food that's shipped across the globe. But does the Valley's economic future rely as much on growing a hi-tech economy, with jobs in fields like software development? We ask guests Travis Sheridan and Gustavo Cavalcanti those questions and more, and also learn about a new showcase for Valley tech talent "The 59 Days of Code."