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Planned Parenthood Creates App for At-Home STD Testing

Jul 22, 2015

A new app is making it easier for people in California to receive STD testing within the comfort of their own home. FM89’s Diana Aguilera explains how it works.

Android and iPhone users can now download the app called Planned Parenthood Direct. For a cost of $149, users will receive a kit in the mail that tests for both chlamydia and gonorrhea.

Linda Williams with Planned Parenthood says this app makes it easier for people to get tested without feeling judged.

“There’s a real stigma in some people’s view and it can be a barrier to getting care and we wanted to do everything we could to erase that barrier.”

After receiving the kit, the person mails back a urine sample and within five to seven days their results are in. If they test positive for chlamydia a prescription will be sent to the pharmacy of their choice. Those with gonorrhea have to go to a local clinic for an injection.

California is the third state where people can use an app for at-home STD testing.