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Hiring Backlog At Fresno County Jail Could Get Worse

Feb 8, 2016

The Fresno County Sheriff's Office is making progress filling a backlog of vacant correctional officer positions at the county jail.

The office is expected to give a mid-year update to the Board of Supervisors Tuesday including their need to fill 39 open jobs. That's down from 66 openings just three months ago.

But Sheriff's spokesman Tony Botti says that number is only going to grow over time.

Botti: "Over the next three years we need to hire 127 correctional officers. So what you are seeing is just the first wave of this. We have people who are retiring. We have people that choose to leave the job"

Botti says the office is under pressure to increase correctional officers because of a lawsuit that accused the jail of being understaffed. 

However, he says they are aggressively recruiting new officers in the community to fill the gaps.