Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin Announces New City Budget

May 20, 2014

At a press conference this morning, Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin announced her proposed 2015 budget for the City of Fresno.

In a departure from the major shortfalls the city has faced since 2009, the proposal emphasizes paying off debt, bolstering city services, and increasing the operating reserve to help prepare for unforeseen costs.

The $995 million budget proposes increasing the daily staffing of the Fresno Fire Department and purchasing 4 new fire engines; dedicating an additional $2 million to road improvements and repair; and increasing the minimum operating reserve from $5 million in 2015 to $27 million by 2019.

Mayor Swearengin will bring the proposed budget to the Fresno City Council this Thursday. A budget must be adopted by June 30.