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How Climate Change And Forest Management Are Contributing To A Historic Wildfire Season

Yosemite National Park
Smoke from the Creek Fire fills Yosemite National Park, which closed to visitors Sept. 10 due to the hazardous air quality.

For two weeks, the Creek Fire in the Sierra National Forest has been destroying property and pumping smoke and ash into the air. There's also the Bullfrog Fire in the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness and the Sequoia Complex Fire, which is currently threatening the town of Three Rivers in Tulare County. To better understand why this year's wildfires are so large, numerous and devastating, Valley Edition Host Kathleen Schock spoke with Mike Theune, fire information officer for Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, Adam Hernandez, wildland fire technology instructor at Reedley College, and John Abatzoglou, associate professor of climatology at UC Merced.

Kathleen Schock is the host of Valley Edition. In the show, Kathleen and the Valley Public Radio news team explore issues that matter to the residents of Central California through engaging conversations and in-depth reporting.
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