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A Fresno Crowd Of 3,000 Protests Peacefully In Solidarity with George Floyd, Black Lives Matter

Madi Bolanos
Protestors marching to Fresno City Hall.


More than 3,000 people gathered in downtown Fresno Sunday to protest the murder of George Floyd and other black lives lost to police violence. 

The Fresno State NAACP and other black organizations in Fresno organized the peaceful protest which started in front of City Hall and lasted for about three hours. Student activist Aislyn Brown said she's tired and ready to see a change in the country’s justice system. 

“Our grandparents, back in their time, we’re talking about the ‘50s, ‘60s, they were protesting, they were marching and the fact that we don't have any differences. We still have police brutality,” said Brown. “We still have our own brothers and sisters dying in the street. It is absolutely disgusting and we’re protesting it.” 

Protesters marched from City Hall to the Fresno Police Department where organizers recited a list of demands that included more anti-violence training for officers, justice for every black and brown murder by Fresno police, a more diverse department, and a community council in West Fresno. 

People in surrounding cities were also in attendance. Emmanuel Jones, a resident from Clovis, said he wanted to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement in honor of George Floyd. 

Zacara Brown, a West Fresno resident, said she attended the protest for her children. 

“I have two sons,” Brown said. “I want them to have a better future.” 

Organizations donated masks, hand sanitizer and bottles of water for the protesters.The city of Fresno donated 30 boxes of pizza. 

Organizer Aislyn Brown said the city also approved the permit needed for the protest, making it easier to collaborate with police officers to keep the peace.

“They made sure we were out here knowing where we could park, knowing where we could get our supplies and everything like that,” said Brown.  

But the protest came to an end when organizers announced on stage they were stopping the event early. They received word that ANTIFA members, considered to be far left extremists, were on their way to the protest.  

The protest ended with a prayer calling for unity.



Madi Bolanos covered immigration and underserved communities for KVPR from 2020-2022. Before joining the station, she interned for POLITCO in Washington D.C. where she reported on US trade and agriculture as well as indigenous women’s issues during the Canadian election. She earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism with a minor in anthropology from San Francisco State University. Madi spent a semester studying at the Danish Media and Journalism School where she covered EU policies in Brussels and alleged police brutality at the Croatian-Serbian border.