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Fresno authors chronicle their adventure in a 1987 air race from Paris to Beijing

Jim Bell and Judy Lund-Bell
Judy Lund-Bell and Jim Bell pose with "La Girafe" at a stop during the 1987 air race from Paris to Beijing

In 1987, Judy Lund-Bell and her husband Jim Bell left their Fresno home to embark on an adventure of a lifetime. Together they competed in a historic air race from Paris to Beijing, battling headwinds and sandstorms in a single-engine Cessna. Now the couple is looking back on that journey in a new book, called “Flying with a Dragon on our Tail.” Valley Edition Host Kathleen Schock spoke to Lund-Bell about the race and the local hospital they raised money for along the way.

Kathleen Schock is the host of Valley Edition. In the show, Kathleen and the Valley Public Radio news team explore issues that matter to the residents of Central California through engaging conversations and in-depth reporting.