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Bakersfield's Dolores Huerta Addresses Democratic National Convention

UFW Co-Founder Dolores Huerta spoke on the final day of the Democratic National Convnetion

Bakersfield’s Dolores Huerta delivered a speech this afternoon before delegates at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Huerta urged Latinos to vote for Hillary Clinton and other Democrats.

Huerta: “And with Donald Trump on the ballot, we cannot be quiet. He insults Latinos like we were second-class citizens, like we were newcomers to this county. Hey, I have news for Donald Trump because we have been here all along.”

The United Farm Workers co-founder told Trump to quote “get out of the way” while she called Hillary Clinton an experienced and visionary leader, who she has known for 25 years.

Most of Huerta’s speech was focused on efforts to boost Latino voter turnout in November, saying every Democrat needs to be an activist in order to advance the party’s agenda.

Huerta also talked about her family in her speech, including her late father, and her son Emilio, who is running for Congress in California's 21st District.