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On Valley Edition: Dying Forest; A "Dark" California Dream; StoryCorps In The Valley

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On this week's Valley Edition: Governor Brown has declared a new state of emergency in California. But it’s not involving a wildfire or a mudslide – it’s actually about the massive die-off trees in the Sierra. We’ll find out what local forestry officials doing scrambling to keep visitors safe. Later in the show we’ll talk about a new opinion piece in the New York Times that suggests California’s best days are behind it. Is the California dream turning dark, or is the state about the reinvent itself once again? 

We’ll also learn why StoryCorps is working with Fresno's Hinds Hospice to document and preserve the stories of valley residents who are in hospice care, and their families. Plus we’ll get a preview of an event that brings local audiences a sustainable look at the world of fashion – it’s the return of Trashique at the Fresno Art Museum this weekend.