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Brown, California Lawmakers Reach Budget Deal

California's State Capitol Building
Photo used under Creative Commons from Andy Patterson / Modern Relics

California Governor Jerry Brown and Democratic legislative leaders have reached a state budget deal.

The $115 billion general fund spending plan relies on the governor’s conservative revenue estimates. But it also includes money for some of lawmakers’ top priorities, including child care and higher education.

The governor called negotiations “strenuous” but says the budget is sound.

Brown: “All in all, I’d say it’s been difficult but very productive, and certainly I’m glad that we got this far.” 

Senate President pro Tem Kevin de León  says the budget deal strikes a responsible balance…

De León: “…between strengthening our long-term fiscal foundation and investing right now in the economy of today and the workforce of tomorrow.” 

Under the deal, the state will begin providing health care to children living in California illegally. It also offers the UC and CSU systems more money if they enroll more California students.

Lawmakers are expected to vote on the deal by the end of the week.

The governor also announced he’s calling two special sessions of the Legislature: one to raise money for road and highway projects, and another to sustainably fund Medi-Cal.

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