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Brown's Revised Budget Would Help State During Drought, Cal Fire

Katie Orr
Capital Public Radio

Governor Jerry Brown’s revised budget proposal contains more money to address complications from the drought in California. As Amy Quinton reports from Sacramento, he wants more money to go to firefighting, food assistance, and wildlife preservation. 

Governor Brown wants to give an additional $142 million to help the state through the drought. The drought has already caused an early fire season. Under the new spending plan, the Division of Forestry and Fire Protection would get $67 million more to suppress wildfires. 

Janet Barentson with Cal Fire says the money would allow additional staffing and more flexibility.

Barentson: “Right now we’re looking at Santa Ana winds in the southern part of the state as needed we can move resources from the north to the south, still maintain our initial attack capability in the north but move additional resources to the south or vice versa depending on conditions.”

The budget revision would also increase funding to monitor salmon, restore wildlife habitat and provide food assistance to communities most affected by the drought.

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