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Part 3: Heroes, Big And Small

There are many ways to be heroic. Some of them are death-defying—like rushing into a burning forest to save hundreds of strangers—but some aren’t, and even talking someone down from a panic attack, or offering a ride in the middle of a wildfire, can pay dividends in serendipitous, even life-saving ways.

And so, even though by many measures, what happened at Mammoth Pool Reservoir over Labor Day weekend 2020 was a tragedy, the high-stakes situation also revealed some of the best of human nature. In today’s episode: the heroes, in all forms, who enabled everyone to get out alive.


  • Reporter/Producer: Kerry Klein
  • Editor: Alice Daniel
  • Web support: Alex Burke
  • Engineering support: Don Weaver
  • Music: written byKevin MacLeod (songs: Acid Trumpet, Beauty Flow, Rising Tide, Unanswered Questions, Blippy Trance)
  • Music help: Benjamin Boone
  • Sound effects:FreeSound

This is the third episode of KVPR’s podcastEscape From Mammoth Pool: the true story of how 242 people and 16 dogs escaped one of the fastest-moving wildfires in California’s recorded history.

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