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Delayed Renewal of Water Law Complicates Valley Water Politics

Flickr user WordIslandInfo.com, license CC BY 2.0
Among other water projects, the WIIN Act increased water diversions from the San Francisco Bay Delta to the Central Valley. Since lawmakers failed to renew the law before Congress changed hands in January, its future is uncertain after it expires in 2021.

The partial government shutdown caused all sorts of headaches for Congress, and it may have tipped the scales when it comes to support for one law that deals with water diversions to the San Joaquin Valley from the San Francisco Bay Delta.

The law is known as Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation, or the WIIN Act. It remains in place until 2021, but many lawmakers had been trying to renew it before the new Congress was sworn in earlier this month.

Listen to the interview with the Emily Cadei, Washington Correspondent for the Sacramento Bee, for more about the uncertain future of the WIIN Act, its complicated politics, and how it relates to former Governor Brown’s infamous twin tunnels project.

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