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California Experiencing "Miracle March" With Rain And Snow

Joe Moore
Valley Public Radio
File photo

The northern Sierra has seen nearly double the average precipitation since the beginning of March. As Amy Quinton reports from Sacramento, one of the state’s top water managers says it’s definitely a “Miracle March.”

It may seem hard to believe after such a dry February, but some of California’s largest reservoirs have approached flood operations.  Lake Oroville, the largest state-operated reservoir, is 106 percent of its historical average. John Leahigh heads water operations for the State Water Project. He says if the northern Sierra gets more rain or snow this weekend, the reservoir will be in flood operations. Leahigh is calling the deluge a “Miracle March.”

Leahigh : “I think I would. We’ve had several Miracle Marches over the decades and I think that this one, because of the way it’s dramatically changed the picture, I think I’d put it in the same category.”

Federal water managers told state regulators that Shasta Reservoir has captured a million acre feet in a two week period. They say the water level has technically encroached into flood space.

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