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Cal Fire Air Tankers Cleared To Fly After Yosemite Crash

Twitter.com / CAL FIRE PIO Kevin Berlant

Cal Fire's fleet of 22 firefighting air tankers are back in service. The planes were on a safety stand down after a tanker crash this week in Yosemite National Park. Ed Joyce reports from Sacramento.

The Tuesday crash killed pilot Geoffrey Hunt as he was about to drop retardant on the Dog Rock Fire near Yosemite's west entrance.

The safety stand-down was intended to give officials time to inspect the remaining aircraft and allow other pilots time to recover.

Cal Fire Chief Ken Pimlott:

Pimlott: "The National Transportation Safety Board advised the department that their investigation has found no structural failures or aging aircraft issues were involved in the tanker 81 accident."

Pimlott called it a "difficult week" for California's firefighting agency.

Pimlott: "Words cannot express the sorrow that we all feel for the Hunt family, or my pride in all of those who make this organization at Cal Fire what it is."

The NTSB investigation is expected to take at least six months.

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