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CAL FIRE Fears Fire Season Could Be Worst Ever

Twitter.com / CAL FIRE PIO Kevin Berlant

CAL FIRE says it fears this year's fire season could be the worst on record.  Bob Moffitt reports on the state's preparations.

In Southern California, fire season never really ended.  In Northern California, CAL FIRE started hiring firefighters four months ahead of schedule.

Secretary of Natural Resources John Laird says the state is in the middle of the driest three years on record.

"A year ago, in January of 2013, there were negligible fires in California that CAL FIRE was involved with. This year there were 437 fires in January -including two significant ones in Humboldt County which is generally the wettest part of the state."

CAL FIRE has already dispatched three-quarters of its aircraft to bases around the state. 

The agency says it has responded to 1200 fires statewide since January 1st - twice the average number of fires for this time of year.

Governor Jerry Brown has declared this week "Wildfire Awareness Week."

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