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Fresno Teachers Say District Must Address Safety Concerns

Teachers in the Fresno Unified School District say they’re growing increasingly concerned about their safety in the classroom. FM89’s Jason Scott reports they held a press conference Wednesday to ask the district to do more to improve classroom discipline.  

Several teachers at Bullard High School have signed a petition that asks Fresno Unified leaders to implement a new student discipline policy that better defines consequences for offenses.

This action comes after several instances within the last few months where Bullard High teachers were allegedly attacked by certain students. The teachers claim the district hasn’t notified them as required by state law about students with histories of violent behavior in their classrooms.

Bullard High teacher Scott Hatfield is leading the campaign for reform. He claims the current policy is unsatisfactory for teachers-and students. Security is inadequate and our disciplinary policies are not clear; they’re not consistent. And they have gaps that expose teachers and students to potential risk.

Teachers at three other Fresno Unified schools say they have agreed to sign the petition.

Jason Scott was a local host of All Things Considered on Valley Public Radio.
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