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Teacher Discipline Bill Passes Legislature

Andrew Nixon
Capital Public Radio

A bill that would streamline the process for disciplining or firing a public school teacher or other employee charged with child abuse has cleared the California legislature. 

Democratic Assembly member Joan Buchanan says her measure is a big improvement over the status quo in the public schools when it comes to getting rid of bad employees.

“We have too many cases that when a certificated employee challenges a dismissal or appeals that dismissal it can take two years, or longer, cost over 100 thousand dollars and nobody wins except the attorneys," says Buchanan.

A similar bill failed last year because of opposition from the California Teachers Association, mainly over the elimination of an appeals panel among other issues. 

Republican Senator Ted Gaines says the current version is still not tough enough.

“We’re going backward when it comes to looking at the bad actors in our schools that need to be addressed quickly," says Gaines.

The bill is now headed to the Governor’s desk. 

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