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Summerset Apartment Owner Hires Local Property Management Company, Plans Repairs


Residents at the Summerset Village in Fresno are finally getting some answers about fixes to their troubled apartment complex. FM89’s Diana Aguilera reports on today’s announcement.

Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin says that apartment owner Chris Henry has hired Regency Property Management to make repairs to the complex. Up to 1,800 residents have been without hot water or natural gas for almost three weeks after gas leaks were discovered at the complex.

Swearengin says Henry hired Regency to do a full renovation of the 220 unit apartment building, which also have numerous other city code violations.

“The specific timelines that he has prepared to meet are much faster and much more aggressive than what we were hearing from the property owner just a few days ago. His commitment is to see these gas line repairs no later than within the next two weeks.”

The estimated cost for the repairs and the renovations is around $1 million.