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Olivia Allen-Price, Jeremy White, Ben Christopher and Mark Trezza

As the November 3rd election deadline draws near, Valley Public Radio continues its look at the propositions before voters. Joining Valley Edition Host Kathleen Schock for a conversation about the potential changes to rent control, property taxes, data security, and how the state charges theft-related crimes are Ben Christopher, election reporter for CalMatters, Olivia Allen-Price, host of KQED’s Bay Curious podcast, Jeremy White, California political reporter for Politico and Mark Trezza, political science instructor at Fresno City College.

Scott Rodd, Alyssa Dykman, Ben Christopher and Ivy Cargile

Propositions 13 and 209 were some of the most impactful in California's history, but now their fates are back in the hands of voters, who come November will weigh in on whether to bring back affirmative action and potentially increase property taxes for some businesses.

Joe Moore / Valley Public Radio

California homeowners who saw their property taxes plunge along with their homes’ market values during the recession could get some sticker shock when their next tax bill arrives.  As Ben Adler reports from Sacramento, the bad news for homeowners is good news for state and local budgets.