On Quality of Life: School Health Programs; Fresno Unified

Apr 19, 2011

Segment 1: School Health Programs - When we hear about budget problems in California schools, we usually think of teachers losing their jobs. But school nurses are also worried about job security and cuts to student health services. On this edition of Quality of Life, correspondent Shellie Branco brings us a feature report on school health, and talks with school nurses and one Visalia family who relies on them. We are also joined by guests Linda Davis-Alldritt, RN, a School Nurse Consultant for California Department of Education, and Kevin Hamilton, Deputy Chief of Program of Clinica Sierra Vista, which serves Kern and Fresno Counties. Together, they talk about a new state law that mandates pertusssis booster shots for students entering grades 7-12 starting July 1.

Segment 2: Fresno Unified - Last week on our program author and journalist Mark Arax strongly criticized the Fresno Unified School District, calling it "most broken district in the state," and leveled serious allegations about Superintendent Michael Hanson's driving record. The interview sparked a flurry of discussion in the local media and community, including calls by some FUSD Trustees for an inquiry into the alleged incidents. This week, we present a differing view of the district, and of Hanson’s leadership, with guest Pete Weber. A local business leader, Weber was one of the principal authors of a report called "Choosing Our Future." The report was commissioned by the district as it was on the verge of state takeover prior to Hanson’s hiring. Weber provides his views on the progress made since 2005 and areas that still need improvement.