On Quality of Life: End of Drought; Honeybee Collapse

Apr 5, 2011

Last week, California Governor Jerry Brown declared that the wet winter has officially put an end to the state’s drought. But with the annual April 1 Sierra snowpack at 165 percent of average, does that mean California’s water woes are behind it, or are just getting started. This week on Quality of Life, UC Merced hydrologist Dr. Roger C. Bales tells us about the science of measuring snow, and what global warming might mean for the our water supply. We’re also joined by Chris Acree of the conservation group Revive the San Joaquin, and Mario Santoyo of the Friant Water Users Authority, who will give us their perspectives of river restoration, and California’s water politics. And later in the program, we ask why honey bees are disappearing at a fast rate, and what it means for the Valley, with UC Davis apiologist Dr. Eric Mussen, beekeeper Gene Brandi, and pollination broker Joe Traynor.