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'Bumpy' California Enrollment Period Ends With Over 3 Million Health Care Sign-Ups


California health officials say the open enrollment period for insurance has been ‘bumpy’ but it has ended with more than 3 million people signed up for coverage. Health Care Reporter Pauline Bartolone has more from Sacramento.

About 1.9 million Californians have new Medi-Cal coverage, and just under 1.5 have signed up for private insurance.

Among the people with private plans, about half had insurance agents or enrollment counselors sign them up. Peter Lee of Covered California says that’s something to keep in mind for the next enrollment period.

Lee: “Everyone needs multiple touches. Everyone needs to hear the message multiple times from multiple places. Because health insurance has not been made simple and easy. It is confusing, People need help, need advice, need counsel from various places.”

The vast majority of the new enrollees have government help to pay for their coverage.

People who qualify for Medi-Cal, or who have a major life event will continue to have the option to sign up. All others will have to wait until November 15th. 

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