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Covered California Starts Training Health Care 'Educators'


More than two-thousand Californians are being trained this month to educate people about getting coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Health Care Reporter Pauline Bartolone has more from Sacramento.

Several dozen people affiliated with labor unions, local government and non-profits filled a room at UC Davis School of Medicine to hear about the federal health care law. 

They’re part of a $37 million effort by Covered California to educate people about the benefits of buying insurance through the new state health insurance marketplace. 

The agency hopes this crowd will help reach the more than five million Californians eligible for coverage through the marketplace next year. 

Lisa Lacy directs a Sacramento-based theatre company. She’ll be using what she learns here to start discussions with people in her audiences. 

“We can talk about issues that impact our community, impact the African American community and also talk about Covered California and how that’s a real tool that we’ll be getting to help people have affordable health care insurance,” says Lacy.

More educators will be trained this month in cities throughout California.