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Newsom Announces $536 Million In Emergency Funds Ahead Of Wildfire Season

Courtesy of the Governor's Office

Governor Gavin Newsom announced Thursday half a billion dollars in emergency funds for the 2021 wildfire season. 


At a press conference in the mountain town of Shaver Lake above Fresno, Newsom said he will sign the plan to improve the state’s wildfire response as early as Tuesday. Many of the communities nearby were ravaged by the historic Creek Fire last September. 


“We recognize that that requires efforts to do prescribed burns, requires efforts to get mechanical equipment out into the forest to prepare for those prescribed burns,” he said. “It requires more personal.”


In addition, the state’s Natural Resources Agency announced details of a task force that will help lead those efforts. Newsom said the collaboration on this task force is essential.


“That’s to connect tribal lands, private lands, state and regional strategies and plans with the U.S. government,” he said.  


With assurance from the Senate President pro Tempore and the Assembly Speaker, Newsom said the state legislator will vote to pass the funding plan on Monday.