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State and Federal Agencies Announce Salmon Restoration Plans

Joe Moore
Valley Public Radio

Federal and state agencies Tuesday announced their plans for restoring endangered salmon and steelhead populations in California’s Central Valley.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration plan will include re-introducing winter-run Chinook at cold water pools in Northern California and monitoring the water temperature to make sure it’s safe.  

Chuck Bonham with the  California Department of Fish and Wildlife says the ecosystem restoration plans could take 50 years or more to achieve the desired result.

Bonham: “We will not overnight return them to their historical landscape in a healthy abundant fashion with collaborative partnership in one year, or two years.”

Both recovery plans look to return Sacramento River winter-run Chinook, Central Valley spring-run Chinook and Central Valley steelhead to healthy levels.

The state has budgeted $38 million this year for projects like improving water flows in Central Valley rivers and streams, and modernizing operations at the state’s fish hatcheries.