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PPIC Survey: Support For California Water Bond Increases

Joe Moore
Valley Public Radio

According to a new survey, most Californians now support an $11 billion water bond measure on the November ballot. The support levels increase for water bond proposals at lesser amounts. From Sacramento, Max Pringle reports.

A year ago, only 44 percent of California adults and 42 percent of likely voters supported the water bond measure. Now the percentages are 60 percent for adults and half of likely voters. Mark Baldasarre is with the Public Policy Institute of California, which conducted the poll.

Baldassarre: “We see a record high number of Californians saying that they think that water is a big problem in their region with the highest concern being expressed by Central Valley residents.”

Baldassarre says the majority of Californians in all regions are now very concerned about the water shortage. According to the PPIC survey, the drought is second only to the economy among issues Californians care most about.

Most survey respondents also say they’ve been reducing their water usage.

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