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Valley Air District to Issue Air Alert Monday

Joe Moore
Valley Public Radio

The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District has announced that it intends to issue an "Air Alert" early next week. The alert will begin Monday August 19th and continue through Wednesday August 21st. 

This district is urging residents to take steps that can reduce the amount of ozone pollution, and prevent a potential violation of the 1-hour ozone standard. In addition to health risks posed by ozone pollution, violating the standard could also result in a $29 million federal penalty.

In a written statement Seyed Sadredin, the Air District’s executive director and air pollution control officer said, "in the past couple of years, we have had an extraordinary level of cooperation by the public in keeping these ozone levels down, and we are again asking for their participation."

Residents are urged to take actions that could reduce smog levels, such as reducing car trips and vehicle idling, avoiding drive-through services, and using law and garden equipment in the early morning hours. The district also encourages residents to carpool to work.

The alert coincides with back-to-scho0l week, during which vehicle idling is a major concern. The district says that about 80 percent of the Valley’s ozone pollution is a result of vehicle use.