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Young Artists Spotlight 2024: FOOSA Philharmonic - Mahler Symphony No.5

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We open the 2024 Season of Young Artists Spotlight with Gustav Mahler's Symphony No.5. Music director and conductor Dr. Thomas Loewenheim leads the FOOSA Philharmonic, in a concert recorded June 24, 2022 at William Saroyan Theatre in Fresno.

Young Artists Spotlight: 2024 Season
David Aus is the host of Sunday Night Jazz and Young Artists Spotlight on KVPR, as well as other special programs featuring the valley's local musicians and artists. He is also a social media and marketing specialist for KVPR. Born in Baltimore, Maryland, David Aus has lived in Michigan, Ohio, Texas, Washington, D.C. and San Francisco, before arriving in Fresno in 2002. Prior to joining KVPR, he spent many years as an on-air host at KFSR. When not on the air, David is a busy jazz pianist, composer, arranger and educator.