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Governor Brown Shares Priorities for Working with New Legislature

Nov 7, 2012

California Governor Jerry Brown - file photo
Credit Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

Governor Jerry Brown shared a list of priorities for working with a new state legislature, which appears to be reaching a two-thirds majority in both houses. 

Now that his Prop 30 campaign is over, Governor Brown says he’s turning his attention to other matters.

“We ought to calibrate our regulations to ensure that they encourage jobs as well as protect other aspects of the public interest like the environment, health and good working conditions,” said Brown. 

Brown was referring to his priorities for work with the new legislature, which is teetering on a democratic supermajority in both houses after this week’s election. He says now his administration and the legislature should focus on a more reliable water system, building high speed rail and creating a sound budget.

“Now we have more revenue, but that revenue will be used prudently and judiciously,” said Brown. 

Brown says his relationship with lawmakers is stronger after the Prop 30 campaign. But he also says keeping a sustainable budget will remain a struggle in coming years.