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Advocates Say CalEITC Should Be Expanded Through Emergency COVID-19 Funds

Advocates are pushing to expand a cash back tax credit program that would provide more money to people who may be employed, undocumented, and still living in poverty.

As people begin to feel the loss in income due to the coronavirus outbreak, advocates are urging Governor Gavin Newsom to use a portion of California's Emergency COVID-19 Funding to expand the tax credit program, CalEITC. 

CalEITC has expanded every year since 2015, but continues to exclude ITIN taxfilers or undocumented taxpayers. 

“It's so critical for workers right now who are not eligible for a lot of other programs that have been designed to support workers such as unemployment,” Sasha Feldstein, a policy analyst with the California Immigrant Policy Center said. She adds many undocumented residents are struggling to make ends meet. 

Fresno resident Saloamon Ramirez says the difference of about $7000 would help him.  

“We all need assistance during these times. With everything that’s going on with the coronavirus, I've been affected. That’s why I’m now looking for relief programs to help,” Ramirez said.

Salaomon supports his in-laws and family of three. He uses an ITIN to file his taxes which means he doesn’t get the refund.