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Indicted Deputy Chief Foster Appears In Court


  Indicted Fresno deputy Police chief Keith Foster is being released on his own recognizance prior to his trial on drug-related charges.

Foster was one of six people who appeared in federal court today on accusation of distributing heroine, Oxycodone, and marijuana.

The cities top three leaders all say that they were unaware of Foster’s alleged illegal activity but that they are sure that it does not extend further into the department.

Ashley Swearengin is Mayor of Fresno.

“Based on the information collected during their investigation, the FBI believes this was an isolated incident and does not involve other individuals in the Fresno Police Department,” Swearengin said.

Fresno’s police chief Jerry Dyer says this one incident does not undermine his confidence in other officers…

“I have complete trust in the members of the Fresno Police Department. I think it is a sad day when we allow an isolated incident to allow us to lose confidence in mankind. I trust my members of this police department. And I trust my staff,” Dyer said.

Dyer says they are beginning an internal audit to figure out how Foster’s alleged behavior escaped notice.

Only one of the 5 other co-defendants was released before trial.