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California Lawmakers Decide on Health Bills This Month

California state lawmakers return to the Capitol this week and they’ll deal with a number of health bills.

A handful of bills would incorporate provisions of the federal Affordable Care Act into California law. They deal with everything from Medicaid expansion, to setting rules governing how health premiums are set, to determining minimum benefits. Anthony Wright is from Health Access.

“The changing of the way insurers do business so they can no longer deny people for preexisting conditions, the new consumer protections to make sure your coverage is there when you need it.”

Wright says the clock is ticking on implementation of the federal law.

“The bills that are pending this month are the ones that we need to enact in order to be ready in late next year so that we can make reform real for millions of Californians.”

These bills, and many other health bills, need to pass both houses by the end of the month in order to reach the governor’s desk this year.

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