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Study: More California Latinos Attend College, Few Finish

Lance Johnson
Licensed under Creative Commons from Flickr user LanceJohnson http://www.flickr.com/photos/lancejohnson/5703722259/

College is a goal for the majority of Latinos graduating from California high schools. But as Katie Orr reports, a new report out today shows few Latinos actually finish college.

The study from the organization The Campaign for College Opportunities finds seven out of ten California Latino high school graduates enrolled in college last year. But just 11 percent of Latino adults in the state have a bachelors or graduate degree. 

Michele Siqueiros is the group’s Executive Director. She says closing that gap is crucial as Latinos make up more of the state’s native-born population.

“I think sometimes there’s a misperception that Latinos are mostly immigrants. That’s certainly not true in California. That’s certainly not true for our young kids that are in school today. 95 percent of them were born here," says Siqueiros.

Siqueiros says Latinos are more likely to go to community college and more likely to attend classes part time. They make up a relatively small portion of the student bodies at UC and CSU schools.