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Steinberg say No Prop 13 Reform This Year

Office of Darrell Steinberg

There appears to be some momentum in the legislature to modify California’s Proposition 13. But the state Senate’s leading Democrat says he doesn’t want that debate to bog down the session this year. Katie Orr reports from Sacramento.

Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg says there’s too much going on this year to make reforming Proposition 13 a priority. There are six measures pending that would reform the property tax legislation. Five would lower voter thresholds for various taxes or bonds from a two thirds approval to 55 percent. But Steinberg says the legislature already has a full agenda.

 “So we’ve got the package, we’ve got CEQA reform, we’ve got immigration issues. 2013 is the year to focus on producing more for the people of California,” says Steinberg.

However, Steinberg remained open to the possibility of taking on prop 13 Reform in 2014.

He has not yet taken a position on a sixth reform measure that would make it easier to reassess the property value of businesses. 

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