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New Laws: California Implements New Egg Standards

Creative Commons License / Flickr.com

Starting January 1st, every egg sold at a grocery store in California must meet new standards that require hens have more space. It’s a requirement of Proposition 2 approved by voters in 2008, which requires farm animals have enough room to turn around, lie down, stand up and stretch their limbs.

Egg farmers sued in 2012 on grounds the law is unconstitutionally vague. The law has also prompted concerns of an egg shortage. But Ronald Fong with the California Grocers’ Association says that’s unlikely.

Fong: “The retailers that are hearing from their manufacturers saying I’m not going to be able to supply you with enough eggs to get you through however many eggs you sell per week, will go to a second supplier. Somebody will sell retailers eggs.”

He says egg prices have climbed as much as 35 percent in the last month. But he says it’s not clear whether the increase is because of Prop 2 or other market conditions.

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