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Valley Edition - November 15, 2019 - Cymric Oil Seeps, McFarland Police, Visalia Homelessness


On this week's Valley Edition, we go up in the air for an aerial view of Kern County’s Cymric Oil Field. And on the ground in Tulare County, will a village of tiny homes help solve the homeless crisis? 

You may know McFarland for the Disney movie about an against-the-odds cross country track team winning the state championship. But now the town is in the spotlight for a different reason - two investigative reporters tell us about its “second chance” police department. 


And in 2013 the state implemented the Local Control Funding Formula, a new method of funding K through 12 schools. The goals were to give districts more flexibility in how they spend funds, and to provide more resources for “high-needs” students. However, a recent state audit - which included Clovis Unified - found that billions of dollars earmarked for high-needs students are instead being used to support the general student population. We break down the audit.