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Valley Edition: March 3 - Quay Valley, California: The Tempest, Rogue Festival, Fresno Unified

Ezra David Romero

This week on Valley Edition FM89's Diana Aguilera reports on one Fresno group's vision to tackle homelessness by creating eco-friendly shelters. John Lindt, with Sierra2theSea.net, joins the program for a conversation about the possibility of a new Central California town called Quay Valley that may have a hyper loop. 

Fresno Unified Instructional Superintendent Katie Russell also joins the program to talk about troubles and violence at Fort Miller Middle School. Later in the program, Ashley Sparks and Peter Howard with Cornerstone Theater talk about a play, "California: The Tempest," launching in Fowler this week. 

Ending the program we talk about Fresno's own fringe festival, The Rogue Festival. The festival's producer Heather Parish joins the show with Jaguar Bennett, who performs "How to Be Wicked" at the festival. The Rogue Festival runs February 26 to March 7, 2015.