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Can Alt. Farmers Stake A Claim In The San Joaquin Valley?

This week on Valley Edition we take a look at what we are calling "Alt. Farmers."

In a region where big agriculture is big business, a new generation of farmers is challenging our notion of what life on the farm is all about. These socially conscious, technology savvy boutique growers and ranchers are going beyond organic to embrace the latest trends in food and popular culture.

They’re not just small farmers, they’re diversified entrepreneurs and clever marketers who are doing their part to make farming hip and cool. It’s a movement that has its roots in hipster Meccas like Portland and Brooklyn, where skinny jeans wearing millennials raise artisanal chickens on rooftops.

In this weeks program we ask farmers, agriculture experts and chefs whether small farming can succeed and thrive in the most productive agricultural area in the country?

In this series

Report - Young Farmers Cultivate A New Image For Valley Agriculture. By Rebecca Plevin

Interview - Modern Farmers "Care Where Their Food Comes From" with Modern Farmer's Anne Marie Gardner.  By Joe Moore

Audio Postcard - For Young Goat Farmer, Mohair Is All The RageBy Joe Moore & Rebecca Plevin

Report - Valley Consumers Help Drive Local Farm To Fork Culture, Economy. By Ezra Romero 

Panel Discussion  -

  1. Nikiko Masumoto - Masumoto Family Farm, Del Rey, Calif.
  2. Nichole Schott, Rosa Brothers Milk Company, Tulare, Calif. 
  3. Patricia Stever Blattler, Executive Director of the Tulare County Farm Bureau

(Produced by Ezra David Romero, Hosted by Joe Moore, Reported by Rebecca Plevin and Ezra David Romero)

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