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On Valley Edition: Redistricting California; Valley Bookstores Adapt to New Reality

Segment 1: Redistricting Fresno County
While California's new Citizens Redistricting Commission is tasked with drawing district boundaries for the state Senate, Assembly and Congressional districts, it's not just those districts that are getting new lines. California's counties are also drawing new boundaries to keep pace with population, as measured by the 2010 Census. Fresno County Supervisors have are evaluating four plans, but Supervisor Henry Perea has his own idea of how the lines should be drawn. FM89's Tracey Scharmann reports on the process and host Juanita Stevenson talks with Perea, as well as Fresno County Clerk Victor Salazar; Redistricting Task Force Member Ernie "Buddy" Mendes; Fresno State Political Science Professor Tom Holyoke, and Terri Figg from the League of Women Voters.

Segment 2: Future of Bookstores
With the closure of book retailer Borders impacting readers in Bakersfield, Visalia and Fresno, what does the future hold for Valley bookstores and readers? Has a Kindle or the Nook replaced your favorite hardcover or paperback book? In this segment host Juanita Stevenson reports on what Valley independent bookstores are doing to stay ahead of the curve. Guests include Tony Russo of Russo's Books in Bakersfield, and Dan Dunklee of A Book Barn in Clovis.

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