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On Quality of Life: California Budget; Chocolate Milk Ban

Segment 1: California's long running budget battle entered a new chapter last week, when Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a budget sent to him by the Democratic controlled Legislature. On this edition of Quality of Life, we talk with Democrat Assembly member Henry T. Perea of Fresno, and Republican Assembly Leader Connie Conway of Tulare about what's next in the budget debate. We also get political analysis on the budget from Professor Jeff Cummins of Fresno State and Nathan W. Monroe of UC Merced.

Segment 2: Last week the LA Unified School District voted to remove chocolate and flavored milk from its school lunch menus, as part of an effort to fight childhood obesity. Food activists say this is an important move to help improve the health of children, while critics say it's a case of good intentions gone too far. We're debate the issue with guests Jennie Cook from the LA parents group Food For Lunch; Hanford dairy owner Dino Giocaomazzi; and Shelley Matson, RD, a Registered Dietician at Madera Community Hospital in Madera.