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Nikiko Masumoto and Brynn Saito founded the Yonsei Memory Project to honor the stories of Japanese-Americans. And when the pandemic hit, they created a new program to give voice to valley writers called Valley Writers Respond. With funding from the California Wellness Foundation, they asked three writers - Will Freeney, Samina Najmi and Steven Church - to share their wisdom about the times we’re living in. Each writer was given a prompt. Here are excerpts from their essays. 

Jim Ashford's "Mayday! Mayday!" on Valley Writers Read

Sep 11, 2012

On this edition of Valley Writers Read, we hear local author Jim Ashford read his short story "Mayday! Mayday!" In this story, you'll hear how a visitor from outer space is attracted to earth by an unfortunate arrangement of yard lights.

On this edition of Valley Writers Read, we hear a story by local author David Borofka titled "A Tale Told by Rube Goldberg Begins And Ends with Dogs".  In this story, a young lady's song lyrics propel her to unexpected wealth and success. 

Mary Benton's The Grape Fields on Valley Writers Read

Aug 22, 2012
Joe Moore / Valley Public Radio

On this edition of Valley Writers Read, we hear a reading of Mary Benton's short story "The Grape Fields." In this Dust Bowl era story, a family of grape pickers assist in the recovery of a kidnapped boy.

Benjamin Rae's "Disconnect" on Valley Writers Read

Aug 15, 2012

On this week's episode of Valley Writer's Read, hear Benjamin Rae's short story "Disconnect" about a night telephone operator invents a fictitious supervisor to circumvent troublesome calls.

Jane Rosenthal's "El Tropical" on Valley Writers Read

Aug 8, 2012

A job in Mexico hosting bird watchers introduces "Bea" to some unsavory characters, on this week's edition of Valley Writers Read, as we hear a reading of Jane Rosenthal's story El Tropical.

Judy Ryan's "Little Fire" on Valley Writers Read

Aug 1, 2012

On this week's edition of Valley Writer's Read, hear a reading of Judy Ryan's "Little Fire", and hear how a young girl comes of age and questions the origins of her unusual name.

Gary Soto's "A Summer Life" on Valley Writers Read

Jul 25, 2012

On this edition on Valley Writers Read, we hear five stories by one of the Central Valley's most acclaimed writers, Gary Soto. The program includes readings of four stories from his book A Summer Life including "The Bike", "The Haircut", "The Pie" and "The Nile". Gary also reads "My Time on Weldon Avenue" which is the foreword to a book published for Fresno City College's the Centennial Celebration.

Both Armen Bacon and Nancy Miller have shared the pain of losing a child to addiction. On this edition of Valley Writers Read, we hear them read their story, Griefland- An Intimate Portrait of Love, Loss and Unlikely Friendship.  They share the tragedy of their loss and how their grief helped build their friendship.

A Remarkable Tragedy, Long Walk to the Showers

Jul 12, 2012

On this edition of Valley Writers Read, Christine Autrand Mitchell reads her story A Remarkable Tragedy, which tells how a family's life is changed by the sudden death of a father and son. Also this week, Howell Hurst reads Long Walk To the Showers, the story of a homeless man trying to rebuild his life.

Jean Ray Laury - Growing Up In Doon

Apr 13, 2011

Jean Ray Laury was one of Central California's most accomplished and acclaimed artists. She helped to revolutionize the world of quilting, taking it from the world of traditional arts and crafts and into the world of modern art. She died in March 2011, but shortly before her passing, she visited Valley Public Radio to record her story about life growing up in a small town in Iowa, Growing Up In Doon.