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U.S Census

Monica Velez / Valley Public Radio

When Lewanne Osborn moved to the foothill community of Springville 53 years ago, the population was around 900, she said. Flip to the year 2000, and the population went up to 1,092, according to census bureau data. But 10 years later the population declined to 934. 

“In my own mind I just don’t feel like it’s an accurate number,” Obourne said. “I have seen incredible growth, houses going up everywhere, new communities that used to be just nothing but hillside and grassland.”


Susan Graham

Susan Graham is white but her children's father is black. While raising her now-adult children, she noticed there wasn’t a biracial option for them to choose on their school and medical forms. Since then she’s helped change that through state legislation.

Her recently released memoir, "Born Biracial: How One Mother Took on Race in America" chronicles her journey of starting the multiracial movement in the United States and launching Project RACE, which stands for Reclassify All Children Equally.