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Laura Tsutsui / Valley Public Radio

Now, it’s time for the Weekend. We’re going to introduce you to an annual festival, the Organic Stone Fruit Jubilee, that’s equal parts a harvest celebration and a nod to the farmers who tend the trees. It takes place tomorrow, June 29, at the Mokichi Okada Association's Oasis Garden in Clovis.

Nikiko Masumoto

When Nikiko Masumoto was 9-years-old, she remembers hail pouring down on her family’s organic peach and nectarine farm. It was at the end of June, the peak of harvest.


“We lost 95 percent of our crop in a seven minute hail storm,” she said.


Ezra David Romero / Valley Public Radio

Before Nikiko Masumoto picks a peach she lightly squeezes it. 

“We want it to have some give and not be hard like a baseball, but we want it to be firm enough that it will travel to wherever it needs to go,” says Masumoto.

The fruit she’s picking now is large, sweet and will be sold in the Bay Area. But a few weeks ago they were picking another variety, a tiny peach called Gold Dust.