panel discussion

Laura Tsutsui / Valley Public Radio

If you look closely at local governments in the San Joaquin Valley, you’ll find a handful of city council members in their early twenties. One even ran and won as a 19-year-old. In the studio this week, moderator Kathleen Schock spoke with three of these local city councilmembers: Jewel Hurtado of Kingsburg, Bryan Osorio of Delano, and Esmeralda Hurtado of Sanger. 

Listen to the panel interview above about why the three chose to run at such a young age and the challenges they face now that they are in office.

Alice Daniel / Valley Public Radio

Renters in Fresno County need to make about twice the minimum wage to be able to afford the median monthly rent. Conditions like high rents contribute to the ongoing issue of homelessness in the San Joaquin Valley.

Alice Daniel / Valley Public Radio

Now that we’ve moved Valley Edition to Friday, it seems like a good time to introduce the news team whose award-winning features help make up the show’s content. Today in our studio, moderator Kathleen Schock talks to reporters Kerry Klein, Laura Tsutsui and Monica Velez about the process of finding and producing accurate and interesting stories.

Listen to the audio above to hear more.