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When Ethan Morse’s father, Larry D. Morse II, was still district attorney for Merced County, he often criticized the sheriff’s department, saying it didn’t have a strategy to overcome gang violence.

“The district attorney’s office has become the county’s primary gang suppression party despite that not being our core mission,” Morse told the county board in early 2014.

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The frenetic energy of William Harder’s life is palpable before you even enter his home—with his dogs, their little heads crowding the front window to shout at visitors. Inside, Harder himself joins in, singing “Oh no!” in harmony with their excited cries.

Fresno Police Department

There is now a $10,000 reward for tips related to the New Year's Day murder of a Fresno convenience store clerk.

On Wednesday police released security camera video of the crime. It depicts the suspect, who they say is probably in his late teens, lurking outside the central Fresno store waiting for customers to leave.

When the store was empty the man lured Gurchuran Singh Gill toward him and stabbed him. The man tried to break into the cash register but failed and left with a few stolen items.