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Martin Luther King Jr.

New York Public Library

When Hank Hendrix was a teenager in Fresno in the 1950s, his family would embark on road trips to visit extended family in Arkansas. “My mom would cook everything before we left,” he says. “We’d got water, food, everything, and that’s the way we would travel.”

Kerry Klein / KVPR

The song “Burn, Baby Burn” was originally written about the Watts Riots – a series of deadly protests against police brutality in 1965 – but it later became a rallying cry for the civil rights movement after Martin Luther King, Jr.'s 1968 assassination. The songwriter, Jimmy Collier, now lives in Fresno. But in the 1960s, he worked alongside Dr. King, using his music to organize civil rights activists. He wrote about the experience in a book published last year on the Chicago Freedom Movement. Here, he speaks with reporter Kerry Klein about the book and what it was like to work with Dr.