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Kern County Superior Court

Kerry Klein

Two recent lawsuits allege the Kern High School District (KHSD) knew one of its employees had a history of inappropriate sexual behavior with students but continued to employ him anyway.

The 40-year-old athletic equipment manager and trainer at North High School, Edwin Rodriguez, allegedly molested and groomed two former students, the lawsuits filed in Kern County Superior Court say.


According to both lawsuits filed March 19, the district “fostered a culture in which sexual harassment and abuse was condoned and ratified.”

Lawsuits were filed in Kern County Superior Court this week accusing Kern High School District staff members of enabling and conspiring to cover up sexual assault allegations.


Two teenagers accused the athletic equipment manager, Edwin Rodriguez, at North High School in Bakersfield of molesting them and sending them sexually explicit messages, photos, and videos through social media like Snapchat, according to two lawsuits filed on Wednesday.


Monica Velez

A Kern County Superior Court Judge issued a temporary injunction Tuesday against the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation -- or CDCR-- after a pregnant correctional officer fell on the job and lost her baby.  The injunction says the CDCR must offer light duty to pregnant employees.

Sarah Coogle was seven months pregnant when her doctor wrote her a note recommending less strenuous duty. She worked as a correctional officer at a super-max state prison in Tehachapi, southeast of Bakersfield.