This American Life

Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m.
  • Hosted by Ira Glass

Hosted by Ira Glass, This American Life is a weekly public radio show broadcast on more than 500 stations to about 2.2 million listeners every week. It is also often the most popular podcast in the country, with another 2.4 million people downloading each episode.

Ira Glass began working in public radio at NPR in the 1970’s, eventually working on virtually every NPR show at the time. He began This American Life in 1995 at WBEZ. From 2006-2008, the program produced a television version of This American Life on the Showtime network, which won three Emmys. The producers also co-created, with NPR News, the economics podcast and blog Planet Money. A half dozen stories from the radio show are being developed into films. In 2014, This American Life launched its first spinoff show, Serial, a podcast hosted by Sarah Koenig. Glass is also a producer of the new motion picture by Mike Birbiglia Don’t Think Twice.