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YOOF Soloists Bring Oboe, Horn Marimba & Violin To Young Artists Spotlight 2015

Feb 18, 2015

It was a full studio this time for Young Artists Spotlight, in the second of three Youth Orchestras of Fresno programs, which are being spread across the total 13 Wednesdays this season. So to the Bonner Studio came Emily, Lynette, Sebastian, McKenna, Amanda, and Peyton.

The rest of the young musicians looked on as 11-year-old violinist Emily Okayasu, who attends St. Anthony’s school, performed for her third year on Young Artists Spotlight.  It is not an exaggeration to say that jaws dropped and eyes lit up. And Emily’s accompanist was Matthew Dean.

Then it was time for some Debussy from Sebastian Pereschica, oboe, and Lynette Zamora, piano.  The two attend University High School and also perform jazz. You will hear Lynette tell us about how many instruments she plays and you may need more than the fingers on one hand to count them.

Next, from Clovis West, McKenna Reeve, horn, and Amanda Hamilton, piano — two more representatives of Youth Orchestras of Fresno, all of whom passed auditions by the organization for appearances on Young Artists Spotlight.

The program came to a stirring conclusion with percussionist Peyton Esraelian, Clovis Online, enchanting the room with her Marimba — which she loves sufficiently enough to take much of her attention away from earlier piano.

Today’s artists, perhaps even young Emily, are considering professional careers in music. We will ask Emily — if she returns next year for a fourth visit, at age 12.